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Poltava sightseeings

We recommend to see the following sightseeings located near the hotel:

1. Monument to M.V. Hohol, Hohol’s characters alley
Monument to M.V. Hohol was erected in 1934. The 3,5 meters high writer’s bronze sculpture on the high pedestal is the centre of the exposition of the Hohol’s characters alley, which consists of 8 figures: “Vakula”, “Solokha-witch”, “Pannochka”, “Theft of the Moon”, “Nose”, “M.V. Gogol”, “Taras Bulba”, “Sorochynsky Fair”. 

2. M.V. Hohol theatre, Monument to Marusya Churay
Nowadays M.V. Hohol theatre academic regional Ukrainian theatre of music and drama is situated in the building that was built in 1958 upon Krylov and Malashenko’ architect project.The theatre was founded in Poltava in 1818. I.P. Kotlyarevsky, the classic of the new Ukrainian literature, was its first director.
Near the theatre there is a monument to Marusya Churay – the Ukrainian folk poetess, singer and composer, whose name became an immortal legend of Poltava.

3. Sobornosti Street, monument of Glory, Corpusny park
Sobornosti Street (former Uspenska) is the favourite place for the walking tours. It is one of the oldest city streets that was built in XVIII century. Nowadays this street is the most active administrative, cultural and business centre of the city.
Beautiful Corpusny Park and Monument of Glory, the symbol of Peter troops’ victory, are situated in the centre of Poltava. This place is a starting point for the world parts oriented, eight-radial system of the street layout. A two pedestal of the monument keeps the cannon, which muzzle is directed to the sky and crowned by the glided bronze eagle that faces the Poltava battle field. It holds the laurel garland and lightning in its claws.  

4. The Round Square architectural complex
One of the most interesting object from the point of view of the excursion and tourist attractiveness is the Round Square architectural complex that consists of eight buildings of the beginning of XIX century. Its exceptional peculiarity is the fact that model buildings projects of principal province towns, designed by the professor A. Zakharov are collected together only in Poltava, so the square represents unique composite complete architectural complex of the province classicism epoch – the only in the CIS countries. 

5. Poltava Local Lore Museum
2, Konstitutsii St,
Tel. +38(05322)7-42-34
Working hours: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Wednesday is off.
It is one of the oldest museums of Ukraine that was founded in 1891. The museum is situated building of the former province government that had been built upon the project of the architect V. Krichevsky in 1903-1908. It was designed in the Ukrainian modern style that contains traditional ornaments in the front exterior decoration, that is why the museum building was indicated in the list of the architectural monuments of national value.

6. Monument at the rest place of Peter I
On june,27,1849 the citizens saw a new monument that was erected in honour of 140-annivesary of the Poltava Battle. Its author became O. Brullov – Petersburg professor of the architecture – the author of the Palace Square in St.Petersburg and the Pulkovov observatory. The monument is situated on the place where used to be a house “about three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom” the tsar Peter I had a rest on the following day after the Poltava Battle. The high relief on the monument depicts a resting lion –a symbol of strength and peace and an inscription that Peter I had rested here after his work.

7. The Memorial Estate of I.P. Kotlyarevsky
15, Soborniy square
Tel. +38(05322)7-20-73
Working hours:10 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Monday is a day off.
In honour of bicentenary of the famous poet, using Shevchenko’s watercolour sketches, the memorial complex – place of I.P. Kotlyarevsky was restored in 1969. This year was proclaimed as a year of I.P. Kotlyarevsky by the UNESCO decision. The poet’s place is a typical Ukrainian house of XVIII – XIX centuries and it is listed in the State real estate monuments register of Ukraine as the monument of national value.

8. St. Uspensky (Dormition) Cathedral
1, Soborniy square
In 1748 there was a decision to build the first stone cathedral in Poltava. Later in 1780 the cathedral was rebuilt. Only the bell tower , consecrated in 1787, has survived since that time. 

9. The White Rotunda, Memorial sign to Poltava galushka, Memorial sign dedicated to the city foundation
The symbol of Poltava - White Rotunda was founded in 1909 on the place where the Podil Bastion of the Poltava fortress used to be. During German occupation 1941-1943 the rotunda was destroyed and in 1954 on this place, the Rotunda of Nation’s Friendship was built upon the Veingort’s architect project. Poltava suburbs and Khrestovozdvizhensky monastery are viewed clearly from this place.
Memorial sign to Poltava galushka is situated in the historical part of Poltava – on Soborniy square. Its erection was on the 1 of April 20006 and it was dedicated to M. Hohol birthday. It is Hohol who makes galushka famous for all over the world.
There is also a memorial sign dedicated to the city foundation – the stone with words from the Ipatiev Chronicle, engraved on it.